Speed Crank is a well established company from Vilnius, Lithuania.
When importing motorcycles, Widelake co-operates with speed crank but also in troubleshooting and warranty issues.
Speed Crank has certified mechanics by Harley Davidson and only has good reviews from those who have been in contact with the company.

Our cooperation provides a good guarantee that the motorcycles we sell are of the highest quality.
The motorcycles are given a complete review and nothing is left to chance.

In case something would not be as expected, we will help you to make your sense of a good purchase


DWR repairs motorcycles, performs service, sells spare parts to most motorcycles but primarily Harley Davidson and helps bikers with everything between heaven and earth.

The DWR is powered by Jan Anderssom, who has been in the motorcycle industry for a long time. 

He is usually able to solve most of the motorcycle problems. 

Dwr is a partner with several major suppliers for all motorcycle brands and has all the necessary equipment to perform checks and troubleshooting. 

Widelake motors strongly recommend dwr at all suspicious errors on our customers’ motorcycles.


DWR, Jan Andersson tel: +46701721892

Nitro Hill Garage

Nitro Hill is run by Klas “Klarre” Jansson, Klarre is a well-trained and skilled mechanic with a long history of troubleshooting at Harley Davidson. 

The company has all the special equipment needed to fix Harley Davidson and other motorcycles as well as the skills needed to remedy the most complicated errors that may arise. 

The company is also a supplier of spare parts to Harley Davidson at very affordable prices. Widelake Motors highly recommend you to hire Nitro Hill for all imaginable things about motorcycles.